The African-Australian experience is a unique one, made up of each of our own lived experiences and the complexities therein. We want to hear your own creative expressions of your lived experience.

Alongside the ROAR: Reclaiming Our African Australian Realities Conference we are holding a competition aiming to explore our different perspectives creatively. Whether it be a narrative piece, an essay, a poem, spoken word (video submission), painting, drawing, or a sculpture; whatever it may be, we want to see it!

5 winners will be chosen across the following 5 categories:
Written submissions: (1) Age 12-15, (2) Age 15-18, (3) Age 18 and over
Visual arts: (4) Under 18 and (5) Over 18

Each winner will be awarded $100 dollars and their piece, as well as any honourable mentions, will be published in Podium’s next magazine edition and website for our viewers. The winners will be announced on each of the 5 days (27th-31st of July) of the ROAAR conference, so submit your pieces, share your perspective and stay tuned to see if you’ve won!