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Transforming Limiting Beliefs


Limiting beliefs are sneaky. They restrict you from fulfilling your God-given potential; they prevent you from seeing opportunities around you; and they discourage you from taking action.

‘I can’t have this…’
‘I won’t be able to do that…’
‘This is just how things are…’

While limiting beliefs show up in what you say and play out in what you do (and don’t do!), you might not recognise just how many of them you currently hold as truth.

If you’ve ever told yourself (or are still telling yourself!) that you’re incapable of achieving, doing, or having things, we invite you to transform your limiting beliefs.

In this interactive workshop with LaYinka Sanni, you’ll discover the limiting beliefs holding you back from being the woman you yearn to be and move into a space of understanding them, altering them, and embracing more empowering beliefs.



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