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Path of the Strangers – Podium Spiritual Boot camp


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****** Sisters’ tickets all SOLD OUT! Only Brothers’ tickets left!! *****

All sister tickets are sold out, if you would like to be on the waiting list, fill out this form: https://forms.gle/gGNu7N19dotYGYnP6


“Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”

Have you ever felt like a stranger in this world? Forever walking the lonely, less-trodden path?

You may have heard of this hadith before, but what does it really mean to be a stranger, or ‘ghareeb’…?

“They are the ones who rectify themselves and others when the people have become corrupt.”

Your very existence as a believer in this world makes you a stranger, in your beliefs, mannerisms and appearance but it’s not something to be afraid of. The first believers were few in number: they were the first strangers. Pushing against the tide is the way of the people of truth.

Let’s reclaim our confidence as ‘ghuraba’ with The Path of the Strangers Spiritual Camp. Through interactive workshops and outdoor activities, Podium’s first ever camp aims to realign YOUR vision and purpose with the way of the first strangers. ✨

📅 Fri 10th Feb – Sun 12th Feb, 2023.
📍 Alexandra Adventure Resort, 43 Murrays Rd, Alexandra, VIC 3714.
🎟️ $350 pp ($300 with the full-time student discount)
🎤 Ft. your favourite guest speakers, incl. Dr Zohair Abdul-Rahman and Sr Aminah Khan.
🎯 Exciting outdoor activities, including canoeing and MORE! Stay tuned.

👇 Open to Muslim youth, above 18 years. Please register below,

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I will organise my own transport to the campsite, I will take a bus provided by Podium to the campsite

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Adult (Brother), Full-time student (Brother)


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What are will we be doing on this camp?

The Podium Spiritual Camp is designed to be an engaging, interactive space where we will realign our vision and purpose in life towards Allah (swt), His Deen and the early believers, who were the first strangers. We will explore the question of "what it means to be a stranger" in the context of our modern lives through classes, workshops and outdoor activities. 
The Podium Spiritual Camp is open to any Muslim above the age of 18. The only other pre-requisite is coming with the intention to learn and reconnect to our Deen! 
As this is an Islamic camp, we do have strict policies concerning akhlaq and haya. It is crucial that all attendees familiarise themselves with these policies prior to attending. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in exclusion from the camp. These policies will be made available soon.
It is being held at Alexandra Adventure Resort - 43 Murrays Rd, Alexandra VIC 3714.
We currently have two options for all participants. You can arrange your own transport to the site OR book a ticket on our bus (which will be an additional $45.) You can let us know on the form when you sign up.
We plan of praying Jummah Salah at the campsite on arrival. This is why it is important that all participants who are organizing their own transport arrive on time. More information regarding the arrival and departure times will be sent out closer to the date to all participants
The campsite is made up of cabins with communal spaces for meals and classes. There will be separate cabin blocks for brothers and sisters, with their own bathrooms and showers. 
This camp is open for anyone aged 18+.
Unfortunately, we will not have the services at the campsite to manage children, so children will not be able to attend.
Although this camp is open to both brothers and sisters, the program will be strictly segregated. All workshops will be conducted separately. The main lectures and meals will be conducted in the same space with seperate seating for men and women. There will be staff onsite at the camp to ensure that the segregation is enforced and that any necessary interaction between genders is conducted professionally and respectfully.
At the camp it is important that all attendees are dressed modestly and appropriately as per Islamic guidelines of ‘awrah or ‘satr’ specific to your gender at all times.
As this is a short weekend intensive boot camp, participants must attend the entire program. Part time attendees will not be able to attend.
Of course! We welcome participants from across Australia. As long as you are able to get to the campsite or bus pickup location, we would love to see you there.

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