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Seeds of change workshop


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This course teaches you the importance of having a vision in your life and how to use this to become true leaders of our Ummah.

It covers at a high level the following modules:

📍 Visioning
* Understanding Visions, Missions and Goals
* Painting a Picture
* Light of the Legends

📍 Collective Visioning
* Choosing the other Half
* Home with Harmony
* Child Visioning

📍 Prioritization
* Balancing Roles
* Time Management
* Prioritizer or Procrastinator?
* Discovering Rocks

📍 Paradigm Shift
* Re-focusing the Lens
* Adopting Change
* Understanding Principles

📍 Hearty Heart
* Purification
* Seeds of Change
* Being Positive

📍 Shine!
* Me, Myself, and I
* Removing the Shackles
* Climbing Ladders

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