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Podium Magazine Edition 13: Reflection


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Podium Magazine Edition 13: Reflection

Reflection: a serious thought or consideration. As the year concludes, and the cheers of the new year are around the corner, we begin to reflect and look back at the moments that defined the year of 2020. This year, we’ve all had our fair share of trials and tribulations; we lived through a global pandemic, we lived in isolation for extended periods of times. Yet, we were blessed enough to enter and be accepted into the month of Ramadan, and to celebrate Eid, although for most, without the company of family and friends. We witnessed injustice towards black communities and saw the pain and hurting in people as we came together in solidarity to protest. We ignited the rage of revolution and change in our youth, and we have become more aware of all of the things we took for granted, before 2020. More importantly, we became more connected as humans, as our shared experiences and trauma have allowed us to relate on a more intimate level. We’ve opened our eyes and minds, and become more receptive to the voices around us. For many, the year of 2020 can be seen as a blessing in disguise, a tool that allowed us to create meaning and purpose out of our lives. This edition, ‘Reflections’, is a zine that provides us with the stationary silence of reflections, the simple act of looking back, and acknowledging the times that defined our 2020. This edition includes a collection of work curated by artist, writers and poets, throughout the year, compiled, edited and directed by Mariam Geme.

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