What Is Podium Media?

‘Podium’ is a loose english translation of the term ‘minbar’. Traditionally the Prophet (PBUH) stood on the minbar to get the attention of the people in order to deliver an important message. However, in today’s society, it is very rare to find young Muslims who get the opportunity to have their voices heard on the minbar.

Podium Magazine aims to serve as this minbar to AMPLIFY the voices of those struggling to be heard and capture the wide variety of talents and voices of Muslim Youth in Australia.

Unpacking the Christchurch Massacre Trailer

In the wake of the Christchurch massacre a conversation began that would ripple globally. It’s time we nuance our understanding and create platforms to continue these conversations.

We Won’t Be Silenced - Christchurch Massacre Response

We won’t be silenced. The voices of Muslim youth will be louder and prouder than ever. Our faith will forever be stronger than your bullets. Watch this space. Join the conversation. #Christchurch

Lets Talk About Love Conference Trailer

The ‘Lets Talk About Love Conference’ addressed questions about love, marriage and relationships.