Podium Magazine Edition 16 Zine – ‘Art for Advocacy’




Almost every day we witness injustice unfold on a global scale. As an entire generation, social media and technology has provided us with a level of access to global news, that no other generation has previously experienced. With that access, we are given the opportunity of seeing all the sides of the story, and with that, we are able to critically draw our own opinions. Gutted with hopelessness and fear, we advocate for those who have been wronged. We call out, we protest, and we fight.


Day after day, we are reminded of the struggles our brothers and sisters across the world face. Whether it be police officers murdering our black brothers and sisters, or Uyghur Muslims being hauled into concentration camps in Xinjiang, or Palestinian people being annexed out of their own land! We continue to advocate for what we believe is right. We take to the streets, we take to social media, we get creative, using our skills and talents to voice our opinions and spread awareness.


Art plays a huge role in advocacy. Art can drive conversation and document important moments; moments that will be looked back on, as a point in history. 


This Edition, ‘Art for Advocacy’, is a zine that acts as a collection of artworks, stories and moments, that we have witnessed in the past. In collaboration with Islamic Museum Australia, under the creative direction of Mariam Geme this Edition serves as a springboard to create a dialogue on injustice around the world.