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Conference Overview

As Muslims, we begin our lives with the answers that many spend a lifetime asking; who we are; why we are here; and what is our purpose. The divine standard for the answers to these questions has been set out by Allah SWT, it is is echoed throughout the Qur’an and the Sunnah; He named you the Muslims, He made you the best, perfected your way of life. Each one of us posses a unique destiny and role📚✨

However, far from the ideal set by our Maker; we have an ummah in an identity crisis. It manifests as a lack of direction, and an inconsistency in what we stand for. Behind close doors, this takes the form of internal struggles, addiction and apostasy📿

A clash exists, between who we really are, how the world defines us, and who we are meant to be in the eyes of Allah.

_ Because those who define you, own you_

Podium presents to you a conference three years in the making; we aim to establish and defend the Muslim identity through three knowledge streams: theological, socio-political and historical, and finally psycho-spiritual 💫

Of course there will be elements of creativity intertwined throughout including;
– film festival 🎬
– trivia night 🎲
– art gallery 🎨
– workshops 🗣
– conviction circles 💭
– stalls 📣
+ much more!

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Our Speakers

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Beyond The Conference…….!