What Is Podium?

‘Podium’ is a loose english translation of the term ‘minbar’. Traditionally the Prophet (PBUH) stood on the minbar to get the attention of the people in order to deliver an important message. However, in today’s society, it is very rare to find young Muslims who get the opportunity to have their voices heard on the minbar.

Podium Magazine aims to serve as this minbar to AMPLIFY the voices of those struggling to be heard and capture the wide variety of talents and voices of Muslim Youth in Australia.

Podium Magazine Team

In its effort to amplify the voices of the Muslim youth, Podium began as a magazine and continues to publish the same high-quality magazines to this day. This makes our Magazine Team the oldest- serving team and the core of the organisation.

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Podium Events Team

As Podium started out as a magazine, we quickly realised that writing was only one of many forms of expression. As a result, our Events Team arose to broaden the horizons of the organisation and provide a new medium of amplifying the voices of Muslim youth. This includes tackling crucial topics, workshops, spoken words, and much more.

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Podium Media Team

Our Media team was created to provide another medium for expressing the voices of Muslim youth via videography. This is being achieved through a variety of different video styles, including interviews, short-films, documentaries, animations and much more.

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Podium Admin Team

Our Admin Team provides crucial support and keeps podium organised and structured. The team completes tasks ranging from general management to customer support. Ultimately, their role is to help keep Podium organised and functioning on a high level.

Podium Content Development Team

Our Content Development Team are the overarching planners of our material. They are in charge of comprehensively preparing the direction in which our Magazine, Media and Events take us. As the architects of our operation, the team leads the way for Podium.

Podium Marketing Team

Our Marketing Team is dedicated primarily to the magazine’s readership and the marketing aspect of our organisation. The team primarily produces marketing and promotional material, defines and managing the organisations branding, helps promote readership and conducts campaign marketing management.

Podium Sponsorship Team

Our Sponsorship Team ties Podium to the greater Muslim community by obtaining partnerships and sponsorship with community businesses and figures that make the Podium dream a reality. Our team consists of a growing number of talented sponsorship officers that ensure that we have the finances to keep serving our community.

Podium Website Team

Our Website Team is responsible for assisting with the online growth of Podium, as well as managing many online services, such as Podium’s website, online shop, etc… The team’s overall objective is to help Podium to continue scaling larger, by increasing its number of customers and readers.