Recipe Corner – Tiramisu

Salam alaykum, this is a recipe from the Charmed by Sweetness team. This is our famous and very popular recipe for our tiramisu. We hope you enjoy baking this yummy […]

Feature Interview – Ayan Omer Shere

Tell us about yourself?I was born in New Zealand but migrated to Australia when I was 13. My background is Somali and I’m the oldest of seven children. I currently […]

When I Gave My Heart Away

I had a senior position at a Muslim Youth organisation which had both males and females. This often meant that members of the committee would confide in me about their […]

Do You Even Lift Bro?

Indeed, the Prophet PBUH has said, “the strong Muslim is better and more beloved to Allah SWT than the weak Muslim, and in both there is good…” [Muslim]. Alluding to […]

Late Night Sweet Stop: Hawat Pastry

A late night dessert craving took us to a quaint little Lebanese sweet shop that was much more than that. Walking through the glass doors you can’t avoid rows of […]

88 Keys

After splurging at DFO Essendon, I found the perfect place to rest my legs and get re-fuelled to continue with my day! Located in the heart of Essendon, I discovered […]


What do you see when you look at me?Was this my decision? Is it really me? Do you see me as a symbol of oppression or tyrant rule?Do you pity […]


Bricks, so jagged and roughThey make everything seem so toughVaried they are in size and shapeBut are the same in their guise and scrape.There is no doubt that all of […]