What do you see when you look at me?Was this my decision? Is it really me? Do you see me as a symbol of oppression or tyrant rule?Do you pity […]


Bricks, so jagged and roughThey make everything seem so toughVaried they are in size and shapeBut are the same in their guise and scrape.There is no doubt that all of […]

The Starved And The Furious

Starved and the furious,The days are long and unwinding.The first year,After four days of fasting,I decided that it was too hard.My very livelihood was at stake,Or so I thought.I was […]

My Ramadan Poem

I could write this in metaphors,Project imagesOf my parentsSitting at the dinner tableAt MaghribSipping waterThrough prayersSaid in unison,Of my brothersFighting about whoGets to ride shotgunOn the way to taraweehOnly to […]


It’s been a while since I’ve been on a train. Stood on concrete platforms Awaiting its arrival while Munching on a cookie From a nearby vending machine. Suddenly it arrives […]

Losing My Religion

I lay awake with deep regrets, On what has come and gone What’s been promised has now been set Its now too late to right my wrongs I see my […]

Go Home

As wet and haggard we walk towards the shore, ‘Be gone’, they scream, ‘we will have no more!’ No tired, no weak, no weary may lean on us, Part once […]