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What is Podium?

‘Podium’ is a loose English translation of the term ‘minbar’. Traditionally the Prophet (peace be upon him) stood on the minbar to get the attention of the people in order to deliver an important message. However, in today’s society, it is very rare to find young Muslims who get the opportunity to have their voices heard on the minbar. Podium Productions aims to serve as this minbar to AMPLIFY the voices of those struggling to be heard and capture the wide variety of talents and voices of Muslim Youth in Australia.

Amplifying the Voice of Muslim Youth


Trust and Transparency


Humility and Resolve


Sincerity and Respect


Innovation and Excellence

Podium's Vision and Mission

To be a global catalyst for the Islamic revival and empowerment of Muslim youth, to reflect the example of the Prophet Mohammed ﷺ

  • To create innovative opportunities for Muslim youth to share your narratives and express your talents
  • To up skill and inspire you to reach your full potential, at social, spiritual, and political levels
  • To provide reputable resources and facilitation of activities that will challenge your thinking and expand your knowledge base
  • To create spaces to safely, comfortably and openly tackle prevalent contentious topics
  • To create opportunities to connect individuals to each other and the wider Muslim community
  • AMAA Community Organisation and Media Outlet of the Year 2020
  • 17 Printed Magazines
  • 4+ sold out conferences with international speakers and interstate attendees
  • 100+ Podium Community Members
  • Launch of Six Degrees and Helping Hands scouted by Orygen
  • Support of 20+ volunteers into the workforce

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Our Executive Team

Eva Maleken

Chief Executive Officer

Ammar Haque

Chief Operating Officer

Muntasser Al-Habsi

Content Development Lead

Nejla Mohammad

Marketing Lead

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