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It’s been a while since
I’ve been on a train.
Stood on concrete platforms
Awaiting its arrival while
Munching on a cookie
From a nearby vending machine.

Suddenly it arrives
And I find an empty chair
Amongst the old ladies
Still reading Jane Austin
Despite the world’s disappointments.

How their eyes lit up
For a romantic scene.
Heads tilted to the left
And palms held into hearts.

A moment which united
All our longing souls.
For a moment we all related.
For a moment our eyes met.
We longed for the one thing.

Eyes have so much power
They speak without words
Magnets attracting and repelling
Repelled is how I feel today.

I no longer get smiles
Just stares….
Stares filled with fire
Smoke hovers in the air
Eyes so scared
Pupils have shrunk.
Looks of disgust
Like daggers strike
With no prior warning.

I no longer like eyes.
That judgmental sparkle
Disappearing as I speak
Or show the slightest
Sign of intellectuality.

How dare I be civil

I see them
Eyes full of questions
How dare you not be ignorant?
I smile
How dare you not be violent?
I smile

More stares and I
Hold back the tears.
Tears which fall
As I watch the news
And see my people
In chaos!!

The thought of entering
The mosque on Friday
With only one prayer in mind
“To him we belong and
To him we shall return.”

I breathe in the hatred.
I tell myself ….
Tomorrow will be better.
Tomorrow is up to me.
Keep smiling, but
No one smiles back anymore.

Ever since the
Towers went down
No one smiles.
Ever since the
The night is a shade darker.
The stars rarely sparkle
In the eyes of bystanders.
Except his eyes……

His eyes sparkle
Every time he sees me.
I wave and he smiles
Reclaiming the humanity between us.
The little child with broken arms
From the monkey bars.

Young eyes see
Deep within the soul.
I wish you could tell them
Little one…
Who you see
When you look at me.

Photo: Cathy Wilcox

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