Bricks, so jagged and rough
They make everything seem so tough
Varied they are in size and shape
But are the same in their guise and scrape.
There is no doubt that all of them hurt
And so I warn you to always be on the alert.

I don’t want you to fall into a hole
Whose hollowness you now stole,
Depriving all of your seemingly stainless soul.

So young and smooth are you, at I ask myself,
Why are these bricks,
So jagged and rough,
All destined for you?

If anything,
Don’t forget to build a foundation
Or a shielding board
From the bricks so ironically being thrown at you, On which even a nation’s hardships could be stored.

Heavy in the scales will be your reward,
If only you understood that these bricks were all a test
From your most gracious Lord.

Resilience is predominantly aimed at Muslim Youth facing hardships, urging them to turn these hardships into something that is of benefit, instead of harm. Youth is a critical time for building the foundations of life and as we all know, foundations can be built by ‘bricks’, which carry a symbolic meaning in this poem.


Originally printed in Podium Magazine Edition 2, published in 2017.



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